Hello, Tableau

Three days ago, I started a new job as a Solution Architect for Tableau Software. I’ve been working with Tableau for the past three years, but never expected that I would go to work for Tableau. Needless to say, I’m very excited about this new direction in my career. I’m also excited to be deepening my knowledge of Tableau. I’ve loved working with the product. Nearly all of my experience is with Tableau Desktop, but in this new job, I’ll be assisting Tableau customers with building an enterprise solution that meets their needs.

With this in mind, I can also say that, as I learn more and more about Tableau, I will start writing articles here about Tableau. I still love BusinessObjects, and will continue to keep up with new developments in BusinessObjects. But I don’t expect to be writing much, if anything, about BusinessObjects in the future.

I don’t see Tableau and BusinessObjects as competitors. I think they complement each other nicely. BusinessObjects is an outstanding, and very mature, reporting tool, with some data visualization capabilities. Tableau is an outstanding data visualization tool, with some reporting capabilities. So they work well together.

In fact, I recently worked on a project evaluating tools that allow Tableau to connect to BusinessObjects. Some tools connect to universes, others connect to Webi documents. And some tools do both. It was an interesting project, and may find its way into a future blog post.

Thank you to those who have followed this blog. I’m excited to keep it going, with a new direction.

14 Responses to Hello, Tableau

  1. Congratulations Michael on your new role. I would also add, that Tableau and SAP HANA also complement each other very well. Looking forward to your new content.

  2. This is awesome, Michael. Thanks for continuing the conversation and allowing the rest of us to be part of it — both Tableau and BOBJ continue inspire us and reading your reflections on this topic will be sought after with great anticipation.

  3. Bret Holmes says:

    That is great news. You will do well in that job. I know it. Will you be coming to Seattle at all? I have been wanting to do more to use Business Objects and Tableau together. It is one of my grand ideas, so I will be interested in following what you do in your position and your blog.

  4. Jennifer Cofer says:

    I am so excited for you and for me too. Please let me know when you are at Tableau HQ. I am working as a Tableau Admin for the VA hospital in Seattle. Will you be at TC18?

  5. Laura Strudeman says:

    Congrats and great true comments on the two tools!

  6. PeteRock63 says:

    Congratulations on your new role and thank you very much for the little insight. Would you be able to elaborate on what tools connected to both ?

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