About Michael Welter

Michael Welter Formed Ark Analytic Solutions, a BI Consulting company, in 2019. He had previously worked for Tableau, and Think Big Analytics (formerly Claraview), a division of Teradata. Prior to that, Michael spent 8.5 years at Idhasoft, formerly Westbay Solutions Group, joining the company in 2002 following 10+ years at Verizon Wireless where he championed and implemented a new BusinessObjects environment. He has direct and extensive experience with all facets of the BusinessObjects platform and associated toolsets in all versions from 5.x through the current standard BO 4.x. Michael currently holds multiple BusinessObjects Professional certifications (BOCP). He is also a Certified Instructor and regularly teaches classes in BusinessObjects Administration, Web Intelligence, and other tools. Going further, Michael is a recognized guru in the BusinessObjects space and regularly presents at several major BO-related conferences and forums. Finally, Michael is a charter member and active moderator for the Business Objects Bulletin Board (“BOB”) forum – a global user community that allows users to exchange ideas and questions online. Follow Michael on Twitter: @MichaelJWelter

54 Responses to About Michael Welter

  1. Jansi says:

    Wow!!! It’s all for good. When did you start writing blogs? I never knew about it. Saw this link in your signature tag on BOB! You ARE Rocking!!!

  2. Tom Nather says:

    Nice blog. Keep in touch, I am doing another department here at CCF and will be back into the BOBJ world in 2011.

    We you on BOB back when it was a LISTSERV? Ah the good old days.

    • Hi, Tom. Yeah, those ListServ days was a time of heavy learning for me. I never would have survived the BOBJ world without it. If I had known then what I know now . . . 🙂

  3. Reddy P says:

    Nice Blog,very helpful.appreciate sharing your knowledge with every one, good work keep it up.

  4. Karen Adams says:

    I’m a former student of yours and really appreciate your taking the time to post this info – it’s really helpful.

  5. Roland says:

    Great information! Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us! I am looking forward to your next installment.

  6. Katullus says:

    Congrats on the new Blog Michael….you coulda mentioned it 😉

  7. rindia0 says:

    Thank you very much for all your efforts in sharing your knowledge with us.
    Very much awaiting, impatiently, for your next post(s).

  8. Marissa says:

    Yeah, can’t wait to start following your blog, better late than never!

  9. santosh says:

    Really i dont have a word to describe your blog. i am too late, but as Marissa has mentioned its better late than never.. thanks for posting such a useful information. I should really thank you becoz the way you explain is very easy to understand. Please keep it going.

  10. blogadmin9 says:

    Thanks for posting information. It will give a life to beginners, after go through this blog they will definitely become a masters. Thanks for your support over the years.

  11. Srini Srigha says:

    Hello Michael,

    I am completely new to BOBJ and looking for training. I have been going through your blog for the last couple of days and trying to learn a few things. Would you be able to provide training in WebI and Designer? Please let me know.


  12. Arjun says:


    I have learned many new things from your blog posts,moreover,infact always waiting for new posts regularly.

    Keep rocking with your blog topics.Thanks.

  13. Bill Zichos says:

    Michael. Thanks for the heads up about someone copying my blog posts. I guess I will need to contact WordPress. Unbelievable!

    • My pleasure, Bill. We bloggers need to watch out for each other.

      • Bala says:

        Hello Michael,

        I hope you are doing good and great. I came across your blog, I’m super
        happy after I walk through your blog. I need your help on guiding me in the
        right direction of Developing Reports in Web Intelligence.

        About Me: Bala from Hyderabad, Indaia. I have been working as Software Engineer with
        Java background for last 8 years, basically I’m into Web Application Development.
        Im good in Database compared to front end(GUI) development.

        Now I’m being pushed into SAP Project in creating Reports and I’m literally new for the
        SAP Environment. Im the first person in our company who will be working on BODS, IDT & Webi Tools.

        What is the best practice to use the tools in terms of Data Manipulation, meaning

        1) Extraction Transformation Loading – BODS
        2) IDT – Doing some calculation based on the data created using BODS
        3) Web i – Represent the Data created using IDT

        I’m confused what kind of operations should be done in each tool..!
        Whats the best way to use the tools..? For me it seems to be calculation or
        any business logic can be done in all the three tools.

        Please guide me how to proceed further, suggest me some
        documents regarding the same. What tool should be used for what purpose..!

        Thanks in advance.

      • Bala, welcome to the world of BusinessObjects. I suggest that you join BOB (http://www.forumtopics.com/busobj/), and start reading through some of the posts there. You can also post specific questions there, and get help from other people who use BOBJ.

  14. Kelly Harris says:

    Michael – Great blog! Was wondering if I could get your opinion on the value of a book about BusinessObjects universe design. If you’re interested in chatting, drop me a DM (@kellygharris) or email. Thanks!

  15. Rik says:

    Great blog Michael. I’ve read two posts and decided to subscribe. Thanks for sharing this info !

  16. satya says:


  17. gopi says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have read most of your blog’s on BO and all are very good and help me lot……

    I need your help on the below query, please help me on the same

    Is there any way to query a BO universe from any website?

    Right now development users are connecting to the database directly using .Net code and retrieving data. Client wants Instead of directly accessing the end database, the BO universe will have to be referenced to get the details from the DB.

    Did any of you worked in similar kind of environment / requirement before?
    Can we use any kind of SDK to fulfill the requirement?

    Any suggestion is welcomed.

  18. Peter says:

    Thanks Michael i am a newbie in business objects just checked out your blog right away . All my problems have been solved , I have jst gotten a grip of the stuff i have been going through for the past three weeks . keep up the good work Peter from Africa , Zimbabwe .

  19. nivi says:

    Thanks Michael,Your blog is really very interesting.

    We currently doing Deski to webi migration. I would like to know does RCT converts all types of charts to webi because we are getting error messag “Error occured when generating the chart – chart can not be displayed.”. Any report conatinig chart is notgetting migrated. Any idea how to deal with such iussue.


    • Hi, Nivi;

      Deski had more advanced charting options than does Webi. So, if you have charts that are built with features that Webi doesn’t have, then you cannot convert those charts. You will need to find another way to create them in Webi.

  20. D says:

    Hi Mike,
    I’m starting with BOBJ and this blog are being very useful for me.
    I would like to know how to make a full outer join at a universe level with IDT, I read in your blog and in other pages how to do it with universe designer but I’m not finding how to do it with IDT.
    Thank you and keep writing !

    • Hi, D;

      IDT is the same as Designer, in terms of setting up outer joins. Double click on the join in the Data Foundation, and select the outer join box, or enter the syntax directly.

      • D says:

        Thanks Mike. I’m be able to make a left outer or a right outer join but I can´t check both boxes at the same time in order to make a full outer. Regards

      • Yes, that’s the same behavior as in Designer. If you want a Full Outer Join, you have to enter it in the syntax manually.

  21. tapas says:

    nice work dude. glad to be in the circle:-)

  22. Thanks for Helpfull Info…..

  23. Vignesh Karuppiah says:

    I am vignesh and working in Business Objects two years… but don’t have much knowledge about BO and i would like to learn start from the scratch. where do i start? what mouldes (WebI,crystal,DeskI, Dashboard(Xce…)) should i cover?

    Your help much appreciated.

    • Hello, Vignesh. I would recommend starting with Web Intelligence, then Universe Design. Look at the SAP Web Site for classes. They have classroom training, as well as online training.

  24. Michael B in Atlanta says:

    Michael: Good afternoon. Please provide information regarding the best practices for automating housekeeping tasks (setup, deletion, monitoring for runstat metrics) for schedules in the CMC environment. Are there any on board tools in the SDK to leverage? Is having an Audit DB essential?


  25. AVG says:

    Hi Michael.

    I just started using BO for 8months and boy! am drowning deep in the sea of business intelligence now.
    Am a kinda guy, who would like to master one tool and then proceed on to the other.So started off with reporting(webi)
    I often post some weird questions on BOB forum(in reporting) and end up digging other posts and find that there is no end to the things you can achieve with one tool.
    I highly respect you for sticking with us and helping us the whole time.

    I just wanted to thank you.


  26. Ernst says:

    Mike, I came across your blog and found some extremely insightful tips, particularly in Universe Design. I’ve used BO for the last 8+ years but not as a primary skill, I urged my team to leverage an enterprise license but these last few years have periodically build universes to support CA Clarity PPM. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. I’m glad I found your site.

  27. Bala says:

    Thanks alot Michael. Will disturb you when help needed 🙂

  28. Kuan says:

    Hi Michael, Great blog!
    Would you know how to add data bars (like in Excel conditional formatting) in a table in webI? I only found way to create sparkline but not the data bars.

    • Kuan, I’m not sure what you mean by “data bars (like in Excel conditional formatting)”. Can you explain?

      • Kuan says:

        Hi Michael,

        Thank you for your response.

        I am trying to figure out the 3 color scale formatting like Excel where you have colors for minimum point, median, and maximum points. For example, green for minimum point, yellow for median point and Red for maximum point. All other cells are colored proportionally. I am having trouble with the other cells that are in between the 3 main points.


    • Sorry for the slow response. This got buried in my inbox. I think the chart you want is the Box Chart. Check that out.

  29. Wout says:

    Hello Michael,

    thanks for this wonderful collection of knowledge. As a frequent user of webi, I have reports with several dozen of variables and sometimes I can get quite lost in the multitude of formulas. therefor I am looking for a way to visualize all my formulas in my report. Is this possible?

    Kind regards

    • I’m not sure how you want to visualize the formulas in the report. There are several things you can do, though. One way is to put the report in Structure Only view (button in the top right, under Design). Another method is to create a page of just formulas, and put the formulas on that page, in text cells.

      • Wout says:

        Michael, thanks for the quick reply, but the problem remains as I use ‘Structure Only’, variable X will be shown as “=X” and I want to see how X is calculated, not just its name. The text cell option will give me a snapshot of the formulas of the variables at one time, but if we change them afterwards, we have to update the formula in the text cell as well.

  30. Yes, that’s true. I don’t know of any other way to visualize the formulas, particularly in variables.

  31. danny ortega says:

    Hi Michael

    I want to ask you a sap BO 4.1 question… is there a way to print the documentation on a webi report. ?

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